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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DS Nizar ku: Biodata Musa Hassan

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Tan Sri Musa Hassan at the Marine Police Training Centre, Tampoi, Johor Bahru.Tan Sri Musa Hassan is Malaysia's Inspector-General of Police. He has served with the Royal Malaysian Police for 38 years.

Police Career
Musa Hassan, who was a law graduate joined the police service as an inspector on Nov 11, 1969. Since then, he has held several important posts including as Malacca prosecuting officer in 1973, Bukit Aman Narcotics Division director in 1981 and Kuala Kubu Baru Police College lecturer in 1986. Musa held the post of Bukit Aman prosecution/criminal law deputy assistant director in 1995 and Johor Chief Police Officer in 2003. In 1999, he headed the team which investigated the first Anwar sodomy case.

In 2004, he was appointed Criminal Investigation Department director before being made Deputy Inspector-General of Police a year later.

Inspector-General of Police
He took over the post from Mohamed Bakri Omar in September 2006; Hassan had previously worked as Deputy Inspector-General under him.[2] He was investigated on allegations of corruption related to the release of three members of illegal betting syndicates; however, Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail ordered the Anti-Corruption Agency to close the investigations in July 2007 for lack of evidence.[3] Two months later, it was announced that he would receive a two-year extension of his term to 13 September 2009, despite having reached the mandatory retirement age.[1] Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang has applied pressure on the government not to renew Musa's term for allegedly failing to reduce crime rates in Malaysia.[4] Pointing to Musa Hassan's proposed extension, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah criticised the routine extension of service for top civil servants which he said creates cults of personality and promotes a cosy relationship between senior officers and their political masters. He said that this process erodes the independence of the service as a whole.

Fabrication of evidence
On 29 June, 2008 Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim announced that he had recently gathered evidence implicating Inspector General of Police Musa Hassan and Attorney General Gani Patail of misconduct and fabricating evidence against him. He mentioned this after the Malaysian police had reported that Anwar was accused by a man of sodomizing him.

Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim, the police officer who investigated Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s black-eye beating in 1998, has accused the country's top lawyer and police chief of fabricating evidence in the assault. He claimed there was an attempt to introduce a medical report prepared by a Dr Abdul Rahman Yusof from Hospital Kuala Lumpur had suggested Anwar’s injuries were self-inflicted.

Musa Hassan is the eldest son of Hassan Azhari, a Koran teacher and famous Qiraati in Malaysia. He received his education in Kuala Lumpur, and has two younger brothers: Fuad Hassan, a youth leader and politician, and Jalaluddin Hassan, an actor.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musa_Hassan


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  2. Bagus artikelnya, menginpirasi kami semoga menjadi kebaikan.terimkasih
    Bagi bapak/ ibu yang membutuhkan guru Les Privat SD, SMP, SMA silahkan hubungi kami.


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